Traveling and charging on the go? You have your USB cord and then you have the outlet plug. Both charge your phone, but they don't give you the same protection when you use them at public charging stations.

Tech and Security expert Joseph Steinberg tweeted out a picture showing a public charging station in New York.
His post simply says, "Using public phone charging stations can create cybersecurity risks."

And not just the stand alone station, but the charging stations you see in the airport too. Why? Because data (like your contacts, pics, emails, notes with your passwords) all travel through your USB cord. So, if you do need to charge your phone the outlet charger is the safer option.

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Could the outlet be wired to get our data? Yeah, that's the reason for the asterisk, but it's less likely. To be completely safe, charge a portable charger and then charge your phone. That way your data is never at risk.