GREENSBORO, NC -- It doesn't matter whether you have a new car, an old car, a big ole' SUV or a Mini Cooper. All drivers have this in common—tires keep you rolling.

Some car makers will tell you to replace your tires after six years of their production date. Tire manufacturers will tell you that you can get up to 10 years out of your tires.

But how do you even know how old your tires are? No need to rummage through receipts, your tire's production date is right on the tire itself.

Look for the letters DOT. There's a section of letters and numbers right after that and then there are four digits. The first two numbers are the week the tire was made.The last two numbers are the year.

So in this case of the tire we took a picture of , the tire was made in the 10th week of 2017.

And while we're here, the wear on your tires can tell you what's wrong.
Got wear in the center? It's over inflation. On the outside, under inflation.
Several wear lines on one side? A misaligned suspension could be the issue.