WINSTON-SALEM, NC - A handshake in a dark back room somewhere. That's not how you want the people in power deciding how to spend your tax dollars, but a new audit claims it's basically what happened at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

The audit claimed a Vice Chancellor abused her power to get her husband's construction company a contract. The state auditor's office said the contract in question was or $28,000 to renovate the Stevens Center ahead of the Nutcracker performance in 2016. The audit showed the school received a formal bid from another company, which staff members felt was a fair price. But, according to the audit, the Vice Chancellor went to her husband's boss instead and made a separate deal.

The audit did not release the name of the construction company of the Vice Chancellor, but it was recommend she face disciplinary action. The university agreed, but said the Vice Chancellor stopped working at the school in September of 2017.

The university added, "UNCSA Has always been a staunch advocate of maintaining a vigorous and effective conflict of interest compliance environment."

UNCSA said they added new steps in the HR process to make sure a similar situation never happens again.

The full audit can be read here.