GREENSBORO, NC -- Here are your choices:  a tax refund of $2,900 dollars or about  $111  more in your paycheck every 2 weeks. Which is better??!?!

It's really your choice, but if you're getting a check but you would really rather have more money to live on day to day, you need to change your withholding.

You need a W4 form, usually your work HR person will have it, if not you can get in online on IRS. Line 5 asks you how many allowances you want.  The more allowances, the less is withheld from your paycheck, so that's more money in your pocket throughout the year. Sounds good, but you want to be careful-- so you don't end up owing money, right?

2WTK  talked to a tax expert,  who gave this example; a married couple  with a refund of  $2,000 two thousand can change their withholding to take 1 allowance, giving them  more money during the year  and probably a small refund, with no worry of having to owe the IRS anything. But the expert said he said you shouldn't think you can add  4 and 5 allowances without owing money at tax time.

You can check how changing your withholdings will affect your paycheck and the end result by using the IRS Withholding Calculator. It's free. You'll need recent pay stubs and your most recent tax return