GREESNBORO , NC -- Most of us don't buy houses on a consistent basis to know what to look for on an inspection. 2WTK is helping you navigate the most important parts of a home inspection.

Check out what the inspector notes about structural elements. How's the construction of the foundation?
Are the windows aligned properly?

Next, look at what the inspector found with the interior plumbing. There should be no damaged or leaking pipes.
The toilets, sinks and showers should all be working properly. And don't forget about the electrical system: circuit breakers, outlets and fans. Your appliances like the stove and dishwasher should also be in good shape.

When it comes to the roof, inspectors should tell you the condition of the shingles, whether there's damage to chimneys and if the gutters work.

If you need help finding a good home inspector, talk to your real estate agent.