Let’s talk money. And more specifically the best money making jobs you can get without having a four-year degree.

CareerCast.com used info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, things like median salary and job growth, to make up a list of the top 10 jobs without a bachelor’s degree.

You'll need a two-year degree and some certification training for positions including Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Medical Records Technician, Optician or Respiratory Therapist. All of these positions are in the $35,000 to $65,000 range for annual salary.

Not health oriented? How about a career as a plumber? The average salary is $50,000 and the job growth outlook increases by 12% in the next 8 years according to CareerCast.com.

CareerCast.com has an interactive job board with each of the Top 10 jobs, the salary, growth and even job listings scrolling at the bottom.