Pittsburgh, PA - With summer coming to an end many will be taking one last chance to soak up some rays this holiday weekend. Sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun but that may not happen if its expired.
Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful ray, but that might not be the case if it’s expired.

CBS News found this post from Savannah Roach “Please people check your sunscreen!!!” She said she got a severe burn from a trip in Georgia.

"So, it thought maybe I need to check the expiration date,” Roach said. “And sure enough it was 2 years expired."

Roach said the sunscreen she used was purchased the same day she got her burn.

CBS News went shopping for sunscreen at eight different stores looking at expiration dates. They didn’t find any expired bottles, but they found a range of expiration dates.

On one shelf, they found a bottle that expires in 2019 and one right behind it expires a year earlier.

"The expiration date is there for a reason and we know that after the expiration date the product is going to become weaker." Dr. Kress, Dermatologist UPMC Children’s Hospital.
He added that weaker sunscreen will lead to burns.
"There are some studies that show even one burn as a child can lead to an increased chance of skin cancer, melanoma skin cancer, later in life." Dr. Kress said.
Whether bottles are old or new, look at the expiration dates, so you don’t get burned.