MOORE COUNTY, N.C. -- A North Carolina school is trying to fight off bed bugs in the classroom.

Leaders at West Pine Elementary in Moore County first sprayed for the bugs last month but they're back. Wednesday the school sprayed for the bugs again. Kids are being told to keep their backpacks at home.

While your kids are home for spring break, it's a good time to wash their backpacks anyway.

Think about all the places this backpack has been: the school bathroom floor, the sidewalk. Yeah so many germs!

  • Put the backpack in a pillow case.
  • Tie it up and put it in the washer on the gentle cycle. 
  • Then air dry it.

If you plan on traveling, always check for bed bugs in your hotel room.

  • When you first get in the room put your luggage on the bathroom floor. Bed bugs are less likely to crawl onto hard surfaces like tile.
  • Take the room key and run it along the side of the headboard where it meets the wall. If there are bed bugs - you'll see them on the key.
  • Check the bed: Pull the sheets and blankets off the bed and check for dark brown bugs.
  • If you find any - alert the manager right away.