CBS -- Take a guess: what's the percentage of Americans with some sort of cell phone?!?! I'm taking smart phone, flip phone, track phone.

According to Pew Research Center it's 95%.
So, when I say, “how about we save some money?” I'm talking to almost everyone out there.

First - decipher data. Figure out how much you need. For instance, what's one gigabyte of data?
Checking out a thousand web pages!
Sending or getting 50,000 emails.
Posting 2,800 photos on Facebook.
Streaming music for 33 hours!
Or watching more than 8 hours of Youtube videos!

Wow. Then compare plans. Myrateplan and Whistelout give you comparisons based on family size, data usage and how you pay for your phone.

The CBS reporter put in her details and got 18 options. One saved her $140 a month. Unlimited data plans were the least costly in her case, but if you have only one or two people in your family, they may not be the best option.

Experts say it's very hard for any one person to use more than 8 gigabytes of data a month.