GREENSBORO, NC -- To save money, you comparison shop, it's just what you do. So, why not a credit card?

Finance expert Jennifer Schurman, Finance Academy Director at EFHS, is helping us out with this and used an article in Motley Fool for background.

"You're either looking for a creidt card to pay off a high balance from another card or you're the kind of credit card person who rarely carries a balance and you're looking for rewards points."

Okay, you know what camp you're in. Let's start with the paying off the high balance from another card.

"Opening a new card at a super low introductory rate may be a tempting offer. Remember that the intro rate of 0% doesn't last forever, so you have to figure out how long you expect to pay off your balance."

Now, if you're in this "pay off your high balance" camp the big thing to watch is the penalty if you make a late payment. "These cards could give steep penalties in the form of a higher interest rate if you make a late payment, which won't help you reduce your debt."

If you rarely carry a balance and are looking for rewards, "To find the right card for you, take a look at your budget and decide which spending categories you use the most. For example, if you spend a lot going out to eat to restaurants, you probably want a card that gives you cash back for those purchases."

And what you need to watch out for on this is cards that require minimum spending requirements before you get any cash back. The best type of card would be one that offers the cash back right away and at a consistent rate, no matter how much you spend. is also a great resource to compare different cards side by side.