CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte family is upset about their lakeside living, something they hired a paving company to correct.

“Paid $2,300 for this,” says Rick Nance.

But everytime it rains, the side of the driveway begins to pool. And stays that way for days.

The Nance family hired Cole and Greg Sherlock of Elite Paving to chip their driveway and correct drainage issues.

The company had been doing other driveways on the street and the work looked good, so they thought that would be good enough.

Turns out, it wasn’t.
“I do feel taken,” said Nance. “$2,300 is a lot of money, especially when the job wasn’t done correctly.

The Nance’s are kicking themselves they didn't dig deeper. Had they done that up front, instead of after, they'd have found Greg Sherlock's company called "All South Paving," a company with an “F-rating” and consumer complaints.

The work invoice they gave the Nance's had the name "Tar and Chip Paving" on the top. And they wanted the check made out to Greg instead of any of the companies.

Tom Bartholomy is president of the Charlotte Better Business Bureau.

“Just google the company name, google the owner's name,” says Bartholomy. “Look at their history, how they treated their customers in the past is how they are going to treat you.”

I got Greg Sherlock on the phone, he told me his health is critically bad and he's waiting for a kidney and that he and his son are "out of the business."

But what about the 15-year work warranty they promised the Nance's?

“He told me he was going to come back out, but never did,” Rick said.

It's a touch. And expensive lesson the Nance’s want you to hear.

Because Mr. Sherlock’s health is not good, we didn’t track him down on camera. As for the warranty the Nance’s say they have, if someone goes out of business, that warranty becomes worthless.