KILLEEN - Two local women are demanding their money back after they said a contractor took their cash, but only did part of the job.

Carmen Woods hired contractor Vernon “Buck” Bower to do several projects at her home in June at first, she was happy with the work.

Woods paid Bower $3,000 to replace her roof she said he barely got started.

“It was always something else. He could never get his guys out. It never happened,” Woods said.

Wood asked for her money back, but she never got it and she is not alone.

Camille Rynd was promised a new metal roof.

“A fifty percent discount. He could get the metal for my roof,” Rynd said. “He would really like to help me out.”

Rynd said Bower did do some work inside her house, putting trim on the table and other areas, but she paid seventeen hundred for the roof, and has nothing to show for it.

“Kind of luck he didn’t start working on the roof because then the rain came,” Rynd said.

Channel 6 tried tracking down Bower to ask if that money was getting refunded. He wasn’t home, but he did call us back.

He said the customers got angry after one no-show.

“We only missed one day with Camille because I got sick, and then she called back the next day wanting to cancel,” Bower said.

His customers disagree.

“He was sick several times, he had kids sick, he had doctor’s appointments, he had to run to Austin,” Rynd said.

And while Bower did promise to refund the money, he has a tracke record that said differently.

In 2012, Bower was on the Angie’s List for worst Austin contractors. The site’s review claims Bower disappeared after getting paid upfront for projects and lists five judgments against him in four counties.

A simple Google search revealed Bower was on the most wanted felons list in Tyler County in 2014 for misusing property given to him.

His excuse: “What happened in the past is in the past, not the present.”

But presently, Woods and Rynd are only saying one thing: “I want my money back.”

Bowers told Channel 6 his customers should both get their refunds by Monday, and said he will send us proof of this Friday.