A cell phone plan can get costly. So 2 Wants to Know found ways to cut back on the costs.

Buying your phone versus renting it could save you money. By buying it outright, you can often avoid expensive insurance policies which can cost you $10 a month or more.

What about unlimited data?

Most of the time we're at work or home, both likely have wifi. So the average American only uses 3GB of data per month.

But what about streaming movies and music?

Some cell phone companies offer special plans where those services are unlimited but not everything else on the internet is unlimited.

Finally ask for a better deal.

If you've been with your wireless company for a long time, chances are their specials have changed. You can probably get a better price if you ask them to take another look at your account.
If that doesn't work, try calling customer service and saying you want to cancel your account. Right away they'll get someone on the line who will try to cut costs to keep you with the company.