HOUSTON – With the rise in identity theft, we're always looking for ways to help keep you stay.

Last month, the U.S. Postal Service launched a nationwide program that allows you to sign up and get a daily email with images of that day’s snail mail.

The email usually arrives by 9 a.m., hours before mail delivery.


Since the 1990’s, USPS says a machine has been snapping pictures of our mail to help with processing and delivery. Now, we get to see those images too.

The sneak peek idea appeals to Tom Wood.

He's had nothing but trouble with mail delivery in his Cinco Ranch neighborhood in Katy.

"Let's put it this way, I used to live in India and it was better there," he said.

So, we sent him the online link to get signed up. It should only take a few minutes but you have to correctly answer a few verification questions.

Tom didn’t properly answer everything. Instead of waiting a few days to try and register again, he paid a visit to his local post office to sign up.

"I think it's great particularly for some of the people like us that are looking for very important mail.”

The emails should start arriving about three days later.

A week later, we meet Tom at his mailbox. We made sure that the emailed images matched what was delivered to his mailbox.

It worked! He also got an extra letter addressed to his neighbor.

Informed Delivery is only for flat mail but still a welcome for people with delivery troubles.

“When this segment airs particularly in neighborhoods like this that have systemic problems, a lot of people are gonna sign up for it,” he said.

The best part about this electronic peek into your mailbox, it’s absolutely free!

This service is worth it if you’re having delivery issues, worried about possible ID theft or if you’re not able to check your mailbox often.