GREENSBORO, N.C. - Dieting it's hard. No one wants to cut back on their favorite foods, but a fad diet is to it's supposed to help because you only have to cut back every other day. It's called the Alternative Day Fasting System.

Here’s how it works. So if you normally eat four chicken nuggets every day (yeah right, but it’s just an example), on the day when you fast you actually eat only one of those four and then on the next day you get to cheat a little bit. You can have five instead of four. So when you’re fast you take in twenty-five percent of the food you normally. On the other days: one-hundred-twenty-five percent.

This diet works according to new research in the Journal of American Medical Association. Researchers say that people who did this diet lost about the same amount as people on a typical diet: around six percent of their body fat after a full year of dieting. But people in this alternative fast system had a really hard time sticking to it. And they had a higher level of bad cholesterol, so watch out if you decide to do.