When it comes to securing your personal information, we've told you time and time again - protect your information! But what if you're on your bank's website and a screen saying you must update your income pops up and won't let you go any further? Does that raise a red flag? Is this legal?

The Consumerist says yes, it's legal. They say the law requires credit card companies keep your income information updated to help them make an "ability to repay" evaluation. But if you don't have the information on hand - or don't want to enter it, there may be a work around.

Capital One's customer service representatives say on their site you can enter 1-2-3 into the "Total Annual Income" field. They say it won't make 123 your income, it's just a sign to the system that the information wasn't updated.

But be careful, the Consumerist says entering a random string of numbers into the income field could constitute fraud, as you're effectively giving the bank inaccurate information about your income.

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