GREENSBORO, NC – When it’s a hot day, a fan can help keep you cool, but it’s not going to cool off the ground. That means if you have a four-legged companion, the fan might not do them any good. Dogs sweat primarily through their feet, where the fan doesn’t reach.

That’s when the Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat is supposed to come in. The As Seen on TV product sells for around $20. But, does it work?

2 Wants to Know’s Ben Briscoe put the mat to the 2 test.

The mat claims there’s no refrigeration needed. Straight out of the box, the mat seemed cool, but does it stay that way?

Briscoe, armed with a thermometer gun and the mat, headed to a dog park in Greensboro. With the mat on the ground, he took the temperature of the ground and the mat. Both were 84 degrees. Briscoe took the temperature multiple times to make sure. Each time, the mat and the ground were about the same temperature.

The directions on the mat said it’s pressure activated. Briscoe asked Michael, the owner of a German Shepard named Moose, to try out the mat with his pup. Moose wouldn't lay on the mat at the dog park, however. So, Michael took the mat home. Michael said Moose sat on the pooch for a little bit, but never seemed comfortable on it. He even sent pictures of Moose sitting on the mat and then relocating to the floor next to it.

Since Moose wouldn’t stay on the mat for long, Briscoe decided to try it out…himself. Sitting on the mat, Briscoe shifted his weight around to cool down the mat, since the directions claim the mat is pressure activated. The mat did start to feel a little chilly. Briscoe took the temperature once more, finding the mat was 84 degrees and the ground was 89 degrees.

So, yes, the Polar Pooch Self Cooling Mat will get cooler, but that’s only if you can get your dog to lay on it.

2 Wants To Know reached out to the maker of mat multiple times over several days. We wanted to know how much cooler the pad is supposed to get than the ground. But, we never heard back.