LEXINGTON, NC – When you think of a mouse trap, the image of a board with a piece of cheese and a clamp might pop into your mind. But, what if you want to catch the tiny creature without having to see it or touch it?

Recently, Ken Lack posted on his Facebook page about an unwanted visitor. He purchased the Tomcat Live Catch Mouse Trap for under five dollars at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

So, does it work?

The trap comes in two parts, a back door and a front compartment with a spring and door. The idea is to place peanut butter on the back door and insert it into the front compartment. You then open the front door and stand it on its legs. The mouse enters through the hole at the front; its weight causing the door to close, preventing the mouse from getting back out.

A few days after buying the trap, Lack woke one morning to find the door shut on the trap.

“I guess that means I have a little occupant in here,” said Lack in a video posted to his Facebook page.

Lack released the mouse in a wooded area outside of his home, and set the trap back up to catch any other critters.

So yes, the trap works wonders. However, a few reviews online warned purchasers that eventually, mice could outsmart the trap and even chew through it.