GREENSBORO, NC -- We have Irma, a winter storm and a snake. What do all of these have in common? Power outages.

(Yes, really. A snake is to blame for a power outage this summer at a North Carolina substation.)

Saving battery power during an outage is necessary, after all our phones are our lifeline.

There is a quick test you can run on your phone to see where the battery is being used the most. Might not be a bad idea to do this before the storm hits.

The video shows the usage in standby times. You get here by going to Settings-General Battery-scroll all the way to the bottom. The Usage time should be significantly lower than your Standby time unless you use your device every single second. But if that's not the case then your phone might not be going into standby. This could show you have a battery drain problem and you'll need to find it. One of the most likely culprits, your fFcebook app. Disable the location and background app refresh.