GREENSBORO-- Chances are you know someone, or maybe it was you, who has already turned on the heat!

Soon, it's going to be time to build a fire. While it's still warm, NC Firefighters tweeted out a warning about chimney fires. It shows a picture of what you don't want to see happen at your house.To avoid it, ou need to have your chimney inspected and cleaned.

2WTK made calls to figure out much does an inspection and cleaning cost, how long does it take and how often do you need it done?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends a cleaning and inspection of a wood burning fire place once a year. Justin Sheffield, the owner of Chimney Sweep Experts in Greensboro, says a cleaning includes sweeping the soot out and an inspection checks for cracks inside the chimney, obstructions and structural issues of the fireplace.

You should expect to pay about $140 for an inspection and a cleaning. The two together should take about 1.5 hours.

If you have a gas fireplace, you most likely just need an inspection which should cost you about $75 and take about 45 minutes.