Nothing on the internet truly goes away.

When it comes to the Equifax data breach - that statement is true in 2 ways. First, data breaches mean your info is out there.

Since your social security number and your mom's maiden name isn't changing anytime soon - your info is always out there for the bad guys. Second, the Equifax data breach news continues to get worse. Let me start with this - and then I'll get back to your information.

This week, customers saw this message on the Equifax website. According to the Consumerist, a third-party vendor that Equifax uses to collect data, had placed malware on the site. When customers checked their credit report, their computer could be infected. They say the malicious code has been removed.

So again, your info is out there. People can get it.

The best way to protect yourself is to freeze your credit. It's free in North Carolina. We made it really easy for you. You can find all the information right here on the 2 Wants to Know website.