GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When it's hot the last thing you want to is to lose power. It was about this time last year a substation fire caused massive outages in Winston-Salem.

The power was originally out for more than 14,000 customers. Many people were without power for 12 hours and lost all their food.

Let’s do a little fact or fiction.

When the power goes out and all your food is lost, you can get reimbursed from your home owners or renters insurance.

That's fact and fiction. Fact is, some policies not all, offer plans to replace food if power goes out due to a storm. However, you would need to meet your deductible first Claims usually drive up the cost of coverage and it might not be worth it.

Fact of Fiction: If my power is out for an extended period of time, the power company will give me a credit. That too is fact and fiction.

A power company in Michigan gives credits to customers who are out of power for more than 16 hours. It's a $25 credit. If you have Duke Energy the credit is simply fiction. It doesn't exist.