FORSYTH COUNTY, NC -- You pay taxes & those taxes pay for services like fire and police. Now those services could be getting better and costing you even less money.

For instance, state fire inspectors just finished a round of inspections of volunteer fire departments in Forsyth County. From Belews Creek to Union Cross, Rural Hall and Walkertown.

It had been since 2003 since the last inspection. All the ratings have improved or stayed the same. (When you look at the chart know that the lower the number, the better the rating).

Here's why you care about their ratings, not just for your safety, but for your bottom line. The better the rating of your fire department, the less you pay in homeowners insurance.

In fact, 2WTK asked Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services how much could be saved. His answer? As much as 20%!

So, when was your fire department last inspected and what is their rate and could you be saving money? Your best bet is to call your city or county fire department first and then your insurance agent!