GREENSBORO, NC -- Nobody wants to be down and out with the flu. Some people think the flu shot doesn't work.

Well, flu vaccines vary in effectiveness year by year and different strains of the flu impact how well it works.
CDC studies show the flu vaccine typically reduces your risk of getting sick by 50% to 60%

And what about the flu mist vs the vaccine? "What we've learned is that the nasal flu mist doesn't work as well as the injectable flu vaccine. And so because it doesn't provide protection at a level that's high enough, we don't recommend using it for children."

During the last flu season, the CDC says the flu shot was 63% effective.The flu mist worked only 3% of the time.

Vote & Vaccine

Greensboro Parks and Rec teamed up with Walgreens to host *free flu shot clinics* at 5 early voting locations.

'Vote and Vax' will occur at:
October 31, 3-5 pm, Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd.
November 1, 9-11 am, Craft Recreation Center, 3911 Yanceyville St.
November 2, 9-11 am, Trotter Recreation Center, 3906 Betula St.
November 3, 9-11 am, Brown Recreation Center, 302 E Vandalia St.
November 4, 3-5 pm, Simkins Indoor Pavilion, 1500 Dans Rd.