Ford Motor Company will now pay to repair Ford Explorers driven by police officers.

It's the latest development into the investigation that explorers are leaking carbon monoxide and making drivers sick or causing them to pass out behind the wheel.

CBS reported 18 police officers in Austin were treated for Carbon Monoxide exposure, so the city removed 67 of its explorers from the fleet.

Many other departments are dealing with the same problem.

A article states Ford will cover the cost of repairs. The issues might be tied to the police equipment installed after the SUV was purchased. Ford believes the changes might have left holes in the underbody of the vehicles.

Ford said in a statement, "If the holes were not properly sealed, it creates an opening where exhaust could enter the cabin."

2 Wants to Know reached out to Triad police departments.

The Guilford County Sheriff's office has explorers in its fleet. There have been no complaints of carbon monoxide. However, the department ordered Carbon Monoxide detectors to put in the SUVs. Ford will be installing those soon.

Greensboro and High Point both have some Ford Explorers in their fleet, but haven't experienced any problems. Winston-Salem police do not have any explorers