GREENSBORO, NC -- You CAN shred all the documents you have with personal information on them one at a time. Or you can get them ALL shredded at once, for FREE!

BBB Secure Your ID Day

Saturday, October 15th 9 to 12

Parking lot of Whole Foods at 3202 W Friendly Ave

*Staples and paper clips are ok but please take all the papers out of binders

Need a reason to shred your stuff instead of rip it up? How's this: 19 people become victims of identity theft every minute.

And the fastest growing type of ID theft – medical ID theft. A thief gets enough information to use your insurance to pay for their medications and doctors’ visits. How? Lechelle Yates with the BBB explains, "This info on my prescription bottle, medical bills and insurance claim forms, explanations of benefits can be used. Ripping it up is not enough. If you can’t go to that effort, at least mark it out with a sharpie."

They get your doctor’s name and then call that office – pretend to be you and ask for a copy of your medical records to be mailed to your “new address.” That has your insurance number on it. Now they can go to the doctor under your name and use up your benefits. Or get prescriptions – Now their medical records are mixed up with yours. Those papers probably have your social too. That opens the door not just to medical id theft but financial id theft too of course

Here’s a frightening statistic - 60% of medical fraud victims had to pay an average of $13,500 to resolve the crime. And unlike credit card fraud where typically you’re not responsible – you do get left with bill.
Plus studies have shown because privacy laws protect the release of health information, fixing the problem is difficult: Victims often have to be a part of the investigation, and it can be tough for victims to prove they're not the ones who actually received treatment.