GREENSBORO, NC -- Last week we told you about the free tickets post---supposedly from Delta. (No, it wasn't real. And yes, lots of people shared it.)

Now we're seeing a similar post about Southwest and free tickets. The scammers didn't even bother to do something different. They copied the boarding ticket picture. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, it is fake.)

Here's the danger in sharing or liking posts like this, scammers are able to get a look at your personal info, get your friends list and sell both for money. And if that's not bad enough, more ads will pop up in your news feeds.

I know you want the deal to be real. But before you like or share ANYTHING, go to the company's Facebook page to see if the post is on their site.

And to make sure you're on a real site, look for the blue verified check mark. Here’s the real key, hover your mouse over it and if this box doesn't come up, It's not a real page.