GREENSBORO, NC – “It's really frustrating, you always hear, leave the faucets running and we did all of that. And our pipes still froze. We're blaming poor pipe placement in our house.”

Sarah and her family did what they could, but the pipe that froze is on the exterior wall in between the 1st and 2nd floors. It's not easy to get to. So, it would be an expensive fix. The other option is to wait out the cold temperatures.

“With three little kids and the hot water not to come back for a few days makes me nervous. All baths will be done with water heated up on the stove.”

That is the least expensive option. But if your pipes freeze or worse burst, what can you expect? 2WTK talked to two home experts today, Tom Garcia from Southern Evergreen and Scott Dampier from HouseMaster.

When you call a plumber, be prepared for two charges: one for coming out to access the problem, expect about a $95 service charge.

And the second charge is for the repair. That could cost you anywhere from $150 for a simple job. But if it includes a crawl space, or in this case a pipe in-between floors, it could easily cost you double.