Crash tests are now common, but the first crash test was 1934. Testing makes cars safer, which is good news. The bad news about cars, auto insurance rates are on the rise.

Rates with Nationwide climbed nearly eight percent in 2016. That’s almost twice the increase in a typical year.
Part of the reason why is technology.

From the rear-view cameras and the high-tech monitors, to the computers that respond to commands. Cars now come with more technology than ever before.

It turns out, that’s helping drive up insurance rates.

“Fixing the cars with all the new technology can be more expensive,” Janet Ruiz with the Insurance Information Institute said.

She added that the primary reason rates are going up is there’s more of them on the road.

“When we have more cars on the road we have more accidents.” Ruiz said. “Insurers are raising rates so they have the right amount of money to pay claims at the end of the day.”

Here’s how to save money:

  • Ask your insurer to check for additional discounts like good driver or low mileage discounts.
  • You could also save money if you’ve had a life changing event like getting married of having a child.
  • Bundle car insurance with homeowner’s insurance.