It happens every year. You get a gift card you don't particularly care for. CBS NEWS says $1 Billion from gift cards don't get used! So what if you don't want the gift card you received? How do you get rid of it?

Well you can re-gift it to someone who might actually use it. That'll surely save you money - the kind of the gift that keeps on giving.

You can use it as an incentive for the kids. They get good grades?

Here's a gift card. Or pay it forward.

Go to that store and give it to a stranger - or use it to pay their bill at the checkout counter. We could all use a little random kindness.

One thing you should avoid: selling the gift cards online. The FBI recently issued a statement that scammers might be waiting for you on secondary websites. They just want the pin number on the back of the gift card to lift the money.

So if you choose to sell it online, wait to give the buyer the pin number until you have the money in exchange for it.