GREENSBORO, NC -- OK, let's do the math, shall we?
If save $25 a week, that's $1,300 a year. Let's say you get 10% interest every year.
In 20 years, that $1,300 is $75,000.

Where are you getting that $25 bucks a week? Remember that raise your boss gave you? The 3% raise that you basically laughed at? Certified Financial Planner Matt Logan says instead of using it as extra coffee or eating out money, use it for retirement.

"You're not going to notice the income, you're not going to have a drastic change in lifestyle, you're not going to buy a yacht. But that income over a longer period of time could have a lot of value. "

Logan says that small raise is the perfect way to get started saving in your 401k.

Right now, Logan says the number of people with personal savings is about 5%. The highest year for saving was in 1975 when 17% of people were putting money away.
The lowest point was 2005 when only 1.9% of people were saving. Part of the reason people saved so much in the 70's, the interest rate on a savings account was pretty high. And now...

"Now, you might get a pack of gum on your savings account so people have less incentive to sit there and watch it. And lifestyle wise, we want instant gratification so the whole savings thing doesn't appeal to those who like instant gratification."