GREENSBORO, NC -- The bad guys have all the time in the world to come up with ways to trick you, but you don't have all that time to learn their new tricks.
Which is why Summit Credit Union’s Glenn Kirk is offering a free seminar to give you the highlights. Kirk joined us for 2WTK to teach all of us a few things ahead of the seminar.

First off, never pay a bill from your home mailbox. Bring it to work and mail it, go to the post office drop box, but your mailbox is too easy for the crooks.
Let's talk email and how scammers give themselves away on those emails that claim you won money or someone needs help.
“You’ll want to look for numbers in the email address, on this graphic you can see it's not from the US. In the body of the email, it’s missing an apostrophe, the date is written in a way you can tell is not normal, and it asks you to click the link.”
At the moment, free gift card emails are going around. Kirk says before you even think about clicking on any link to get that card, hover your mouse over the links. If all of the links have the same web address, then it's probably a scam.
Pre-approved credit card offers aren’t usually fake, but what does it mean to be pre-approved? Kirk explains at 5:30pm.
This is just part of what is being talked about at the FREE seminar, Tuesday, September 12th at 6pm at 8210 West Market Street in Greensboro. You need to sign up for this freebie.