GREENSBORO, NC -- We are in the thick of it. And by that, I mean the thick of pollen season. You expect the sneezing and wheezing when you're outside. It's a given.   

So to escape, you move inside and you close up all the windows and run the air.  Problem is, the pollen gets in there too. The best way to keep it out - your air filters (which you should be changing out every 30 days). 

But if you have severe allergies, the answer could be this air filter right here;  it's called a Media air filter. This is the Honeywell version. It was recommended  by home experts in our area. It is 85%  more efficient in capturing microscopic particles like pollen. 
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It is more expensive, about $27. But you only change this filter every 6 to 12 months.  And realistically, you probably don't don't change your filters more than that anyway. You get these kinds of filters at HVAC supply stores, not at places like  Walmart or Lowes.