GREENSBORO, NC -- A lot of people dealing with the flooding from Matthew probably didn't have flood insurance. Maybe you don't have flood insurance, because you're not required too.

The majority of North Carolina is in the low to moderate flood risk (that's anything in yellow to orange on the map).
If you're not in the red, high risk area, you're not required to have flood insurance by your mortgage lender. But don't think you're safe.

"Oddly 25% of the flood damage that happens in our state is in a low to moderate risk area," says Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance. "So we have that false hope or false sense of security that it's not going to happen to us as we do with a lot of things in life. But it can happen and it's not going to be covered by your homeowners insurance policy in any form, shape or size."

Cook makes it clear your homeowners policy covers nothing in a flood situation. nothing. Flood insurance is an extra policy. The contents of your house is an extra policy. In North Carolina, the average $150,000 home in a low risk area would have a flood and contents policy premium of about $400 a year. Again, that's flood and contents.

A flood insurance policy covers the actual property, the building. The contents policy covers everything from the furniture, electronics, clothing, personal property. If you don't have a content policy, replacing what's inside the house is on your dime.

And don't miss this, flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period. "It's important people understand that you can't see a storm coming and think I don't have flood insurance in place, I need to get that done."

Check your house on the Flood Map.