GREENSBORO, NC -- #itssocold is a hashtag that's been trending now trending all over social media. Most of us are blessed to have heat and while we may not like writing the check to cover the cost of the heat, we can in fact do it.

But for those who can't, we can help, with the change left over from your bill. This is how it works, we'll use my bill as an example. My next bill due to Piedmont Natural Gas is $207. 27 but because I'm part of the Share The Warmth program, my bill is rounded up to $208. So they get the change left over and they give it agencies that help folks pay for heat.

Last year, between customer contributions and corporate contributions, PNG gave $168,000 to NC agencies to help others.

Whether you have gas, electric or oil-- there is a way for you to opt into the Share the Warmth program. And for example, PNG says you'll never pay more than $12 a year. Look for the opt in box on your bill or you can go online.


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