ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC -- "I guess in my mind I always felt his tree, his property, he'll take care of it." Nope.

Instead, the rains from Matthew took care of it and the tree ended up crashing through an Alamance county house and onto two cars. The house is unlivable. The cars are totaled. The tree was in the neighbors yard, but ended up next door.

"I told him it's leaning, can you cut it?" Sherrie Palma explains. She tried to tell the neighbor a long time ago that tree was a problem. He didn't do anything about it.

She called me Monday and asked if she could make him pay. Unfortunately, the answer Let's take a closer look to explain why.


If it's your neighbors tree crashing onto your home or your car, it's on your insurance, unless you can prove the tree was a danger before this event. That's key...before. So how do you prove it?
You put it in writing.


Christopher Cook with Alliance Insurance says you need to lay out the problem and the liability in a letter that you either send certified mail or you can send an email as long as you get a receipt confirmation.

The key here, is proving that the other person is liable...and they knew they were liable. Your insurance company than battles with their insurance company for who covers it. It's not a quick process. But at least you have evidence for a claim.