GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Government agencies are trying to crack down on how many times they ask you for your socials security number.
Those 9 digits assigned to you are way over used in government paperwork according to this government accountability office audit.

Most agencies have made really good progress in finding safer ways to identify you. However government workers tell auditors there are still three big hurdles.

First, a lot of laws still require agencies to use social security numbers to give out benefits.
Second, inter-agency communication needs your social security number when they talk to each other about you.
Third, technology is limited and not where it needs to be to use alternatives to track you without your social security number.

However, auditors also found that most agencies made plans to reduce the collection of your social security numbers. But, often those plans lacked a way to measure progress, a timeline for a completion and even failed to say who'd be responsible for getting it done.
Auditors warn until the government fixes this issue, they are still putting you at unnecessary risk for identity theft.