‘Tis the season for overgrown grass in your neighbor's front yard – or maybe yours.

It's not a sight you like to see and it can be dangerous. Animals and insects use this as breeding grounds.

Whether it's a messy yard, an abandoned car or maybe an annoying pothole, if you live in the city of Greensboro, there's an app for that.

We've told you before about the Fix it Greensboro app, but have you ever thought to use it?

Recently, I did and it worked!

Earlier this year, the city did some median work at the intersection of Phillips and Summit, right by the tv station.

When they did that, the stoplight sensors under the road stopped working so the lights wouldn't change when someone pulled up to the intersection.

I filed a report through the app and, within a month, I noticed the lights had been fixed. Throughout the process, I would get emails from the city letting me know the problem was acknowledged and given a work order number.

You can report other problems like graffiti, sidewalk issues, traffic signs, even dead animal pickup.

I reached out to the city to see how often people use the app. A city rep said since the app went online in April 2014, it's received 3,791 reports of problems.

He said it's hard to nail down the number of problems they've fixed, but said it's a very high percentage.

City officials stress the importance of reporting emergencies or serious problems by calling 911 rather than reporting on the app.

The app is free to download in your app store.