GREENSBORO, NC-- The new city budget is out and Greensboro water rates are going up.

2WTK is looking at how rates compare around the state and the nation as well as why they're increasing.

Let's look at the cost first. Greensboro's water rate increase starts July 1st. It's a 3.75% increase for users inside the city limits and a 1% increase for outside city users.

The city equates this to an average bill increase of a $1.59 for inside city users and $1.03 for those outside the city.
In this release, the city writes, “Despite the increase, Greensboro still maintains one of the lowest rates in North Carolina.”

Is that true? Let's look at the numbers. Water is billed by units.

Greensboro will charge $2.03 for up to 3 units.
High Point charges $2.82 cents per unit.
Raleigh charges $2.47 cents per unit.
So, yes, it's true when compared to cities around us.

Now to the why the rates are going up. The city says the increase will support on-going water and sewer maintenance, rehabilitation, regulatory and capital replacement needs.

Aging water pipes are a problem nationwide. 2WTK has done several stories about water leakage from aging pipes and the need to replace them.

Think about this, the original system was put installed in 1925.
We have links to our past stories in the 2 wants to know section of our website.

One more thing,
A study done by Michigan State University found within 5 years
30% of Americans won't be able to afford running water. According to this study, the average annual water bill in the U-S is $1,600 or about $140 a month.