KUSA --- Let's talk about something that makes us a little uncomfortable....guns. But let's not have the same kind of conversation that we've had over and over and over and over again. Let's talk in a way that's not dictated by emotion but a different kind viewpoint. This gun conversation is about facts.

In our country, there are 325, 000,000 guns. There are now enough guns to equip every man every woman every infant and even your dog.

In 2014, 10,945 people lost their lives in America on the wrong end of a gun. That's thirty people a day. Count suicides which outnumbered homicides, two to one, and that year 90 Americans a day became part of a troubling statistic. .

We barely noticed milestones like this one. Most of us know forty nine people died in a nightclub in Orlando in June but how many of us know it took only 42 more hours for 49 more people to die as a result of gun homicide. The 49th victim after all, a mother of three.

Some worry about so-called assault weapons. If you stop selling them tomorrow and confiscated all rifles the next day, you'd only be getting rid of a weapon used in 3% to 4% of all gun homicide. Clubs and hammers kill more people in the US than assault rifles.

Also keep in mind while 24 hour news networks make it seem likely become a much more violent country, technically, the homicide rate peacked in the first year of Bill Clinton's presidency in 1993.

Back then there were at least one hundred million less guns than there are now. Some suggest we need more laws and close the so-called gun show limit or magazines or bring back the assault weapons ban.

Whether you agree with that or not. Not one of those laws will change this fact: Every two weeks in the US criminals murder 400 people. That's generally the amount of people murdered every year you Portugal, the U.K., Spain, France, Germany and Australia combined. And even if the US banned all gun sales tomorrow, ee still have more than 300 million guns.

The facts and figures for his story are from:

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And if you don't believe.

Least you should try to believe them or them.

Or them.