USA TODAY – What is that rectangular book? Oh, yes, it’s a checkbook. This is how your parents taught you to deal with money, balancing your checkbook. But no kid going to college will probably learn money management that way. After all, they can just look on their phone when they want to know their balance, right?

So, how do you teach kids, teens and beyond about money? USA TODAY financial experts have a few ideas.

Checkbook vs Phone Alerts

The checkbook is out, but paying bills on time is always in. So, today's way is to teach your kids to set up alerts on their phone for when bills are due.

Your Advice Through Someone Else

Parents, you don't know anything, right? Why should your kids listen to you? It’s not like you’ve done this before. (insert eyeroll here)

The recommendation is, let someone else tell them what you would tell them. From money management to loans and even big picture like being able to one day buy a house or car on their own.

A one hour consultation with a financial advisor could be free if you already have one, if not, you might expect to pay about a hundred bucks.