GREENSBORO, NC -- Check out the tree on this Triad house and the car. Hurricane Matthew's wind and rains toppled it.

"I got me some renters insurance and it is going to help me take care of the property I lost," says Sherrie Palma. The house she was renting was condemned. Palma couldn't even go back in to get what was salvagble.

Good thing she had that renter's insurance! Most landlord or management companies do not insure you or your personal property. Renters are solely responsible for insuring their personal property and any expenses related to loss of use. Renter's insurance rates vary depending on where you live. looked at rates around the state. In Boone, it's about $182 a year. But on the coast - you're looking at more like $431 a year. The state average is about $267. And while Sherrie had renters insurance, she also has another issue, "I have to write everything down by memory. I'm working on that."

And that's where the Know Your Stuff app comes in. It's from the Insurance Information Institute. It lets you take pictures of your stuff. So you take the pics, you can put in info, or not.. But at least this way, you don't have to remember everything. You have evidence of what you lost and it makes the claim process much easier.