GREENSBORO, N.C. - The most common consumer complaint you’re calling our 'Call For Action' team with is problems from used cars. The sad part is, North Carolina is an AS IS state, meaning most of the time, you buy the car as is -- nothing can be done if you get a lemon. So 2 Wants To Know wants to help make sure you know about any issues before you buy.

If you want to keep from being a nervous wreck buying your next vehicle, CarFax’s Chris Basso says to ask the dealer for their report.

“If it’s been in a major accident if it’s been under water in a flood, it can look great on the outside,” Basso said. “But inside it could be hiding dangerous problems that could put you and your family at risk.”

Mechanic Jessie Morelli with Crown Automotive took us through a wrecked but repaired car to show you the warning signs. First look at the lines of where the hood and the body of the car come together.

“You notice that the hood does not line up properly,” he said. “I can see that the body lines, the hood lines do not line up. Right there that’s an immediate give away that something has happened to this car.”

Second, pop the hood and check for all the labels that are supposed to be there.

“There’s no stickers from the manufacturer, there’s no emissions labels, no air conditioning labels, there is nothing in this vehicle that denotes that it’s from the manufacturer,” he said.

Finally, look closely at those bolts on the frame that holds the engine.

“The bolts here have been tampered with. When they come out of the factory, they are painted. But you can notice the paint is gone, it’s been chipped around it. That would lead me to defiantly lead me to believe the car has had a front end collision,” Morelli said.

Three easy warning signs to look for so you don’t crash and burn when picking out your next car.

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