In 2017, 80% of taxpayers received a refund, and at an average of $2,782 per filer, it's clearly, not a small amount. The extent to which this year's average refund compares to that number is yet to be determined, but one thing we do know is that Americans are already making plans for how they'll spend that money.

Here's where all of that refund cash will go, according to a newly released TaxSlayer survey:

-43% Put The Money Into Savings

-42% Pay Off Debt

13% Buy A Physical Luxury

13% Buy An Experience

9% Fund A Retirement Plan

You'll notice that the total to the right exceeds 100%, and that's because some tax filers plan to do more than one thing with their refunds. For example, some might intend to use their money to both pay down debt and purchase a luxury item. But while socking money away for a rainy day, building a nest egg, and eliminating debt are responsible uses for a tax refund, most Americans can't afford to be indulging in electronics or vacations. And those are the exact same people who stand to lose out year after year by getting refunds in the first place.