It's video you just can't turn away from - a case of road rage that quickly turned into a scary crash in California.

It started when a driver caught a motorcyclist kicking the side of the car.

The car then swerved into the bike before crashing into the median, then a truck, causing it to flip.

Highway Patrol thinks the biker and driver were shouting at each other before the crash.

Road rage isn't new - and both sides are usually to blame.

We showed the video to Rebecca Miller, a Triad biker, to get her insight.

"This situation could have been avoided by the car driver paying attention and the motorcyclist having more patience and knowing what to do," said Miller.

We can all imagine how this could've ended a lot worse - especially for the biker who doesn't have as much protection.

Miller says predicting dangerous situations on the road is key to teaching bike safety.

"What we always train students to look for is an easy way out and keep three or four outs open to them that way they have options in that kind of situation."

Miller says it's vital that all car drivers check their blind spots before merging.

Bikes are smaller than vehicles and fall into blind spots very easily.