O.J. Simpson will soon be a free man. Thursday afternoon the parole board in Nevada unanimously voted to grant him parole. He served 9 years for an armed robbery back in 2007.
2 Wants to Know looked at how the process works.

According to CNN, In O.J.'s Case all four board members had to unanimously agree, which they did. However, if one of them had voted no, they would have brought in 2 other commissioners to vote. In that case, the inmate just needs the majority vote from those 6.

The board also gives an inmate a score. Inmates with a high score are considered a greater risk. In 2013, Simpson only got 3 points which is considered a low risk, but was still denied parole.

2 Wants to Know also looked at how it works in North Carolina. According to the NCDPS, decisions are based on the majority of votes by the parole board. Some of the factors are the circumstances of the crime, previous records and how they acted in prison.