Columbia, SC (WLTX)- The 1,000-year flood wasn't long ago, but we have constant reminders of its effects. As the country is recovering from Hurricane Harvey's destruction in the south and Hurricane Irma's possible land fall, it's important to prepare a plan.

Here are ways to financially prepare for a natural disaster before it gets here:

  • Update/Secure Your Insurance Policies: Home/renter, health, and life insurance should be reviewed and kept up to date. Be sure your beneficiaries are current along with emergency contact information. Review your policies for coverage details to be sure you have the adequate coverage in place for you and your family.
  • Make Your Paperwork Digital: Scan your policies, medical records, and other important documents and save them to your cloud storage. Google provides every email account with 30 GB of storage. In addition to the cloud, keep the files on a flash drive for backup.
  • Keep A Small Amount of Cash In Your Home: When something happens, you want to be able to purchase food and gas no matter the circumstances. As you think about the amount of cash you will need for necessities for a week, be sure to keep smaller bills for ease of payment.
  • Make Sure Your Emergency Account Is Accessible From Anywhere: Be sure your "rainy day" bank account is accessible from any ATM. If you haven't had a bank card in the past to keep yourself in check, study up on the cost of wire transfers from your emergency account to your primary bank and the length of time before the funds are available with both bank guidelines.