CBS—The political posts posts just don’t stop. Wasn’t it great when Facebook was full of cat videos?!?! *sigh*
"Facebook has added a number of ways that you can see more of what you like and less of what you don't like,’” says Carolyn Abram. She is the author of "Facebook for Dummies." She says many people don't know how to use Facebook filters.

If you spot a post you don't like, click on the carrot. You have the option to hide the post and see fewer like it-- or, you can stop following that person but still remain friends. "They won't know that you've done this."
If you're tired of news from specific media outlets, you can block them too, "you can hide all things from that source." You can also choose to see "more" from your favorite friends.

Just head to the upper right carrot - then news feed preferences and prioritize who you see.
"So you can click on them. And they have these little stars on them. And then next time you log into Facebook, anything they've posted is going to show up first at the top of your newsfeed."

Perhaps the best way to tell Facebook what you want -- a good old-fashioned "like."