GREENSBORO, NC -- You've heard it before, “sharing is caring.”
Well, 2WTK would like to change the saying to “not sharing is caring”.
We saw a facebook post being shared and it appears it’s from Disney World. It claims a vacation winner didn't contact the theme park in time and now you could be given the vacation. All you have to do is post or like the page.

Yeah, that's the problem.
When you like or share a fake post it opens you up to scammers being able to get a look at your personal info, your friends list (which the scammers sell to others for money) and pumping a bunch of ads into your news feed. So, how do you know it isn’t for real?

First, it was too good to be true. Really, Disney can't find a family to give a vacation to?!?! But also, look at the logos. Can you tell which is real and which is fake?

The fake Disney World logo has a hyphen and a period at the end. Have you ever seen the company do that?
The real Walt Disney World facebook logo has a blue checkmark.This blue check verifies the page. Now some scammers are sneaky and they copy and paste this on their picture.

So the trick is, hover your mouse over the checkmark. If this box pops's the real deal!
And remember, #notsharingiscaring !