WFAA -- When Darragh Mcardle hits the road to get to and from work every day, he sees it all.

"Texters, facebookers, snapchatters."

And what's unique in his case, is that a small camera in his car often catches it all. "I've seen some incredible road rage. I saw a car flip over on the tollway. People not paying attention, pulling out in front of you."

He's among a growing number of drivers who've installed cameras in their cars...just in case. Dashcameras in personal vehicles around the world have captured all sorts of crazy events, car crashes, burglaries, road rage, and even meteors lighting up the sky.

You can find basic cameras for under $100 and prices increase with quality and features. Like a camera that records GPS coordinates and HD vide, it'll run you $149.

Another system retro-fits rearview mirrors to include a camera and monitor. "Some of them are multi-camera systems where you have a camera in the front and a camera in the back of the car." The price tag on that one-- about $400.

But if you're like Mcardle, whatever you spend, it might make sense. "Because then it's no longer your word versus somebody else's. It's documented. So, it's just very helpful to have up there." Peace of mind that seems to be well worth the price.